Guest Blog

Why I Hate My Poker Coach

If you want to get better at poker you need to ask for help. Weather you read a book, watch a video, or sit watching pros live or on the internet, you are…

donkey farm

What happens when you play a tournament at the donkey farm???

Hey all. This is a blog from a buddy/student of mine. His writing cracks me up so I thought I would post it so you could enjoy it. Please let me know if…


Using Your Image to Extract Max Value

Hi, my name is John.  I’m a LSNL-MSNL cash games hobbyist who has been dipping in the live mtt pool more recently.  I like to play a loose-aggro game with a fairly broad…


The Roy Scheider/Martin C. Brody Conundrum

My brother Russ, who is a profitable $1/$2 cash player, recounted a hand to me last weekend in Vegas which prompted this entry. It belongs in a category of hands that only occasionally…

Report from the WSOP Academy

This weekend I attended the WSOP Academy tournament camp for their relaunch, mostly prompted by their one-time only hugely discounted price ($499) and because I felt like if I picked up even two…

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