Big Game James Cash Corner

My Black Friday

I thought I’d share my unique Black Friday experience. When I played online, it was exclusively cash games, first at Party then FTP – I never had a Stars account. I mainly played…


Boom Goes the Dynamite – Rincon Edition

It has been a while since my last post, which might be kind of surprising coming off the tourney score at the Bike WSOP-c and a nice cash session at Commerce. I did…

Commerce Casino in LA

Welcome to Commerce

Hey all. BGJ has been busy the last couple weeks, but he found this post on 2+2 and thought it was hilarious, so he wanted to give his readers something to enjoy until…

Big Game James

Big Game James Blog #1

I will be a new contributor to the GT Poker website, doing a periodic column on cash games, mostly a recap of my live cash sessions, with a little bit of strategy thrown…

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