Hello and welcome to Gravytrain Poker!

I started this blog to have a space on the web where people could follow my poker career and interact with other poker players to discuss hands and spots seen in the live poker world of today.  I also wanted to promote a site I will be working with called StackEm Coaching. It is a poker training site that teaches members how to play better poker through podcasts, forums, and direct contact with some great players. It really is a good deal because you are getting 10 times the coaching of the other sites for 1/10th of the price.  I have been chosen by Stackem to become the next Featured Student on the site, so I will be posting about my experience working with them and the process they take me through to improve my game. I know this information will help all of us become better poker players and start raking in the dough.

There are a few other features I hope people will enjoy. We have a great cash player collaborating with a monthly blog (Big Game James Cash Corner)  about cash games and his live cash sessions, a fun contest (Chip Stack of the Month) that will give prizes to the best user submitted picture of their chip stack from a tournament or cash game, my agenda (Dan’s Calender) of the upcoming events I will be playing in, and some Poker Links to other sites that you might enjoy. I also saved room for players who love to write about poker so they can post a blog (Guest Blog) to be read by a wider poker community instead of only their Facebook friends.

Lastly, feel free to browse around the site and leave comments on any of the blogs you read. The more comments we get, the longer the discussion goes on, which is a good thing for all of us.

Please Like us on Facebook and if you would like to follow my Twitter account (where I tweet during events that I am playing), please add @hopperpoker.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have fun and maybe even learn a little something that will help you become the best poker player you can be.

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