Hey all. I am sorry I haven’t written a blog in a while but there are two good reason for this… First, I have been slammed at y real job which has been great and two, I have been losing at da pokerz. I don’t want to whine to everyone with bad beat stories, so I figured I would just chill and not write anything at all. I did end up cashing and making it somewhat deep in the Bike’s WOG ME, so I figured I would fire up the old keyboard and write a blog.

First thing though, I realized I posted some hands that I wanted some feedback on. I didn’t get a lot of it but thanks to those who did post some of their own thoughts. A lot of blogs that I write are there to help less experienced players get better at poker and mostly they are for me to get better at poker so I see it as win/win. Hopefully there are some of you that are getting better also.

So on to the hands. If you want to re-read the hands I posted, please click here: http://gravytrainpoker.com/2013/02/18/a-show-of-hands/

Hand #1 : He called my big 3 bet. Flop came 9T3r. I put AQ+, 88-JJ as his range. Even though the board hits this range,  I couldn’t fold given the stack size. I led, he piled, I snapped, and he had TT.  Sometimes even when you think you have a guy ranged and the board hits it, you still have to call off because you may be wrong and you are probably not drawing dead either. Board bricked out and I lost the hand.

Hand #2: I did cold 4 bet pretty small. Chris folded, the guy piled, and I called it off with AK. The villain also had AK and we chopped the pot. I still don’t know if that is the optimal line, but Sean Deeb said it is ok to get 50bb in pre in an MTT with AK, so I will go with him and I probably did the right thing. If the guy is a tight player, than I think my AK fold is a pretty easy one.

Hand #3: I raised like 4x, Turbo tank jammed, Jordan folded, and I called. Turbo had 55. He went runner runner flush and I was out but not being results oriented, I think the best play is to show him the pile. I love the fact it reshipped 55, but in the long run, I think I will be racing a lot and to take the pot down pre OOP seems like the better play. The flop came like KJ2, so if Turbo had flatted, what do I do now with 99 on that board? Pile pre is the best way to play that hand.

Hand #4: My buddy piled the 4800. The sb folded and the straddle guy snapped with AA and won a huge pot. After talking with some friends about this hand, as played, we think the best play is to flat and play the hand in position. The board was T high so he would lead and we would call. If the turn bricked again, he would prob bet again and we would call. Last card was super brick and we would then evaluate on the river. Its a very tough spot of course playing this way but we may only lose half our stack if the guy doesn’t bet right or he gets scared on the river. Tough not to lose all your chips with KK into AA, but being that deep it may not be as hard as you think .

Sorry again that I didn’t post the answers sooner. I will not let that much time go by again if I post hands to discuss.

Since those answers took up a lot of space, I will just fill you guys and gals into what I played in the last month and how I did.

The Bike had it’s yearly Winning O The Green series going which featured the highly touted Mega Million event. 14 starting days and they took the top 6% into day 1 with first playing 200k. It was a great event and got a ton of entries. Buy in was $150 with 1 optional $100 rebuy/addon.

I ended up playing 4 sessions and did not make day 2. It was a rough series and I could never get any big stacks built up. I would start building and either get coolered or lose a flip. I was really a non factor. The only good news was my buddy Turbo made a deal with 4 left and got 93k for a great score. Congrats bro we were all really proud of you.

The last event was a $340.00 Deepstack ME with 3 starting days. I played on the second day and busted, but played on the 3rd starting day and made day 2 with a whopping 7bb. I did take a beat with 2 hours to go on day 1   to get short but I did get it in with Jakes vs KTo. The outcome of that hand was not good for me. #JBL.

I did get super lucky on Day 2, got a 5x up with QQ and then did grind to finish 48th for 1100. Not too bad considering my starting day 2 stack. Maybe things have turned around and I will start crushing again. I do only care about playing good and I feel like I still need to tweak a few things but overall if the cards cooperate a little, I will have a big score soon. Hustler starts on Friday so maybe I will have a FT in my near future.

Before I finish this blog, I want to post an interesting hand I played on Day 1 of the Bike WOG ME. It ends up being a hand about hand reading where I think we call can continue to work on and get better at.

I was on my first table and I had chipped up really nicely. A guy was on super monkey tilt and gave me a 30k pot with 52hh vs my AQs on a KQ7r board. I was raising a lot in late position and maybe getting one of the blinds to call and then fold to my C bet. EZ game right?

Anyway, I raised the guys blind from the CO with 56ss. BB called so HU.

Flop was AT5 one spade. Ok cool I got a pair now and can rep the ace. BB chk, I bet he call. Ok going to take a 2nd barrel then. No prob. BTW he started with about 100bb and I had about 150bb.

Turn was 3 spades. Nice. Flush draw now. He checked, I bet again. This time he took a little bit and called. Ok spade please.

River was the 7 of spades. Bingo. Nice. Time to get value from an Ace.

To my surprise, he led pot. WTF???? Check call, check call, then lead pot? How is that possible? I made a back door flush and the guy leads pot into me?

On the river, what do you do? Fold, Flat, or Raise? Please remember that this is a $345 event at the Bike where most of the players are recreational and play their hands pretty straight forward.

I will post the answer to that hand next week with some thoughts about hand reading and lines that rec players take that once you know them, you will be able to read their hands better.

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone is doing well and crushing live pokerz. Take care and have a great week.




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