Hey all. Hope everyone started 2013 on a high note. Mine has been pretty good so far other than a little car accident. I am fine other than some back issues but therapy seems to be working great and I should be back to normal in a few weeks.

Today’s blog will cover the second half of 2012 starting with the WSOP (pre main event) and a couple of WSOPC events I played in November and December.

Here we go…

When I got to Vegas opening weekend, I was very excited to get to the felt and start grinding. I had a backup tech worked out for my company and really was very relaxed and focused on bringing home big money. I couldn’t wait to hit the tables and mash souls.

After a few days and some small events, those feelings quickly changed from excitement to uh oh, how much do I have in my bankroll? Things did not go according to plan like they usually don’t when it comes to poker.

I remember how I started to feel when things were going bad. It was like I got into a little bit of the “I am so unlucky and why now is this happening to me”? Boy I felt like crap but realized after a well-timed conversation with BGJ that it is just variance and it will turn. Just concentrate on playing your best and that is really all you can do.

Things seem to go a little better after that. I made a semi deep run at the Venetian and cashed in a couple of Rio Deepstacks. I still hadn’t had the big score yet but going deep and cashing a little does change your outlook when you sit down. Seems to me that the confidence comes back and you are able to be a little less stressed at the tables.

Talking about this makes me realize what a key point your mental game is to your overall game of poker. The great ones play on an even keel a lot of the time. Yes everyone tilts once in a while, but in order to become really good at this game, you somehow have to try to stay as even as possible and never lose confidence in your own ability. I know this is harder said than done, but it is defiantly worth your time to put some effort into learning this concept as best you can and applying it while you are playing.

Anyway, I played a ton of events at the WSOP, had some cashes, but ended up stuck about 5k going into the WSOPC Championship and the ME. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind but I did look at those as a great opportunity for me to get to play some deep stack poker against great players. I was a kid in a candy store and looked forward to the challenge.

As for the WSOPC Championship, I had a pretty fun table to start with and would have been happy to play on it other than the fact that Joesph Choeng was on my direct left. Ummm, not a great seat draw by any stretch of the imagination. Will Failla and The Chainsaw were the other 2 “pros” at the table.

I started off pretty good but lost a big pot flush vs flush to the amateur in seat 4. It was a tough hand and looking back I think I have to pay him off 100% of the time. I don’t think I am ever folding 2nd nut flush on a 3 flush card non paired board. I guess I should be happy I didn’t go broke.

I grinded for a while and then our table broke. The 2nd table was probably one of the toughest I had ever been at. Elky, Brian Rast, Matt Matros, and 2 other guys that made the FT of this event. OY!!! Tough is probably an understatement.

I did ok for a little bit on the table but started to get short. I had about 18bb when Elky raised my BB for like the millionth time. I looked down at ATo and stuffed it. Before my chips got in, he said call. Uh Oh. He had Pocket Jakes and they held. Nice timing on my part. Oh well it was fun while it lasted and I want to thank the WSOPC for giving me a free roll into that and some per diam money.

I won’t talk about the ME because I already wrote blogs already about that, so I will jump ahead to my first WSOPC stop in Lake Tahoe.

I got to Harvey’s Tahoe the morning of the first event and the first two people I saw were Miranda and Adrian. I got a big Miranda hug and a hand shake from Adrian which was a pretty cool way to start my trip. I really felt seeing them was only the beginning of a great trip and not only was I going to have a lot of fun, I was going to mash souls and win my second ring. Little did I know at the time I was about to flame 6 buy ins. Oops.

Yes, things did not go well in Tahoe. I didn’t play great in the first event, but after that was over, I went to the room, did a little studying on 2+2, and I really felt good about my play the rest of the trip. Poker does suck when you feel you are playing well and not showing any good results, but hey, that variance thing is a bitch.

Overall the trip was really fun and not only did I meet some nice people, I got introduced to OFC. The game is amazing and even though I sucked at it, I had an absolute blast playing it. We played it in the dealer’s break room and really had fun not only playing, but spending time with friends I only see at the circuit stops. I didn’t lose too much (I think we played like .25 or .50 a point) but I was definitely hooked on the game. DC, LA, Rex, Val, and Natasha….I hope you spent my money well.

The last trip I want to talk about was Rincon. They moved the stop from March to December (Still don’t know why) but as expected, all the fields were down. I am ok with this in WSOPC events since all I really want is another ring. The money obv is nice but like Shaq said “it’s all about the jewelry”.

Well just like Tahoe, I didn’t play great the first event but after that played really well. I lost every key hand, most of my flips, and did not cash in a single event. Only played 5 this time but it really sucked to not be able to make any kind of run in something. I guess I didn’t defend my title the way I wanted too but oh well, there is always next year. We did have some fun in our room with a couple of OFC nights. We had a pretty cool setup using tables and chairs from other rooms and along with the MCB playing, there were the usual cast of degens that included Rex, Ting, LA, and DC. All in all pretty fun to get away and hang with these people. They really make the losing easier to deal with since it happens to all of us. Misery loves company right?

So in conclusion, as I look back at 2012, I am pretty happy with my results. I won my first semi-major tournament that included a beautiful WSOPC ring, I got to play and cash in the WSOP Main Event, and I really feel my game moved up to the next level. I still have a TON to learn and I will always keep trying to learn, but overall I am pretty happy with my results.

I was thinking about my goals for 2013 and I will probably write another blog soon to discuss some of them. I would love feedback on them when I do post.

Lastly, I did lose my Grandfather in December and if he is reading this from Heaven, I want to express my gratitude for everything you did for me and I will try to make you proud every day of my life and not just on the felt. I will always love you with all my heart and I miss you very much.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this and good luck at the tables.




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