Hey all. I know it has been a very long time since I posted a blog, but I was kinda chilling on the poker a little after the series then ran really crappy and didn’t have anything that I felt worth writing about. All the tourneys ended in some pretty standard spots and I didn’t make any deep runs other than one of the Hustler event’s which I finished 27th out of like 1000 and barely made enough for gas to get home.

Also, my Grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was 99 so he had a great run, but he was my father figure and it’s been tough to deal with. Now that all the services are over and he is in a better place, it is time for me to pick myself up and start crushing the tables in memory of him. That is exactly what he would want me to do.

So for this week’s blog, I am going to quickly finish my ME run and tell you a really funny conversation I had after a hand at Hustler.

So here we go…

When I last left off, I was at the Day 3 dinner break. I had less than average chips and was grinding big time. No matter what I did, I could not win two hands in a row. It was really frustrating.

My last table of the night was super aggro. 3 bet was normal and a few pots got to 5 bet pre with 2 callers. Crazy action. I was looking at 5 high every hand but did at least pick a couple of nice spots to use the Old Guy Image to keep afloat.

My big hand of the entire event happened on this table. There was a your Frenchie (no, not the Hustler one) on my right playing a ton of pots. He looked 15 so I figured we were going to tangle soon.

It folds to him in the SB and he open jams like 20bb. I had like 25bb at the time and look down at 99. To say I snapped was an understatement. I did not do a Helmuth and stand up, but I got it in pretty quickly. He muttered something in French as he turns over 105 off. Nice. Finally have a shot to get deep.

Well the Poker Gods figured that having 25bb was too much for me and the flop came 538 and the turn was another 5. Really? Awesome. Another beat at a critical time in a big event. Oh well, I guess my time was up in my first ME but I was NOT going to give up. I should be used to playing the 5bb stack right?

If I remember correctly, I did jam the button and got no calls and jammed late middle and got no calls which was good. Then on the next orbit, UTG jams but was short, late guy calls, I look at Aks in the BB so I jam and the late guy called. UTG had 22 and late guy had 99. I spiked a K on the turn and got back to an ok stack.

Side note. Although things seem hopeless, don’t give up. You never know what will happen.I see people lose big pots and flame the rest the next hand, but trust me, it is not worth it.

Anyway, I took a small beat later that night and ended the day with 15bb going into the next level. They said we were about 100 off cash so I figured it would take 2-3 hours to make the money. I was not going to sit and try to blind in, but honestly when min cash is 19k, the thought did cross my mind like 100 times that night.

I didn’t get much sleep that night. I was nervous and excited about making it this far in this event. I thought it would blow to play this long and not cash, but I wasn’t folding any spots that I felt really good about. I just hoped I didn’t get into any of those marginal spots. Crap cards or top 10. Wanted to play easy poker.

I woke up a tad late and got to the Rio about 3 minutes before the start of play. I knew there would be a ton of announcements so I wasn’t worried about missing a hand. The cards went in the air about 12:15 and we were off.

At my table, there was a guy with a massive stack, a guy with a great stack that didn’t show up, and the rest of us were kinda shorter. There were a few discussing how bad they wanted to cash, but I tried to keep quiet for once and just play.

The big stack guy was running the table but was getting hands. the good thing was he wasn’t calling off light. If he raised and got shoved on, he folded every time. He played it perfect in my eyes. He really chipped up without any showdowns. Good for him and also he was a really nice guy so I hope he did well the rest of the way.

Once we got to about 30 off the money, everyone on the table slowed down. I felt like I was playing online again with everyone stalling. Also, the play was pretty simple. Some one pushed, we all stalled, and they took down the pot. I had yet to look at anything close, so I was blinding down pretty quick.

Looking at everything, I figured I needed to shove once and I would cruise through. I finally picked up AKs, utg, shoved, and no one called. Nice. I then got to around 16-18bb and we were 10 off the money. I was hoping when they started the hand for hand that it wouldn’t take long.

As it turns out, it took 1 hand. 5 all in and calls and 4 people busted. Easy game. I was very excited to cash in my first ME and it really felt good to be able to grind 4 days with out every having a big stack after Day 1. I was very proud of my play and once play resumed, I was looking to get it in and double and hopefully start to build my castle.

I did shove a couple of times and never got called. I had a hand that last time, I think AQs, and pocket 55 folded face up. Looking back, I wish he would have called and taken the race. Maybe the ending would have been different but we will never know.

On the final hand, the guy that didn’t show up early finally showed up and told us he didn’t want to punt his stack before the money like he had done the year before. Once he did start playing, he caught fire and tripled he already nice stack. Monster after monster and he was taking guys out left and right.

Everyone folded to me on the button and I shipped 15bb with KJo. Pretty standard spot. Sb folded, and the late kid tanks a little and says ” I am running good so I call”. He turns over 22. Ok fine. Let’s go over cards.

Flop came AT4 rainbow. Nice. Any face card please. Brick brick and out. Ohhh man does that feeling suck. I have busted a lot of events in my life, but other than the Tahoe WSOPC event when I finished second, this was the worse feeling ever. Not really mad but definitely disappointed. I went to get my money, which took about 40 mins from the time I busted, got in the car, and drove to meet my wife and friends for her birthday dinner. I was glad to be home after a long trip.

Btw, that kid that took me out was Ryan Young. After the ME, he was killed in a car accident two weeks later. I was very sad when I heard the news. I didn’t know him really, but he was way too young to go. Seemed like a good kid and he was a very good player. RIP Ryan.

The last thing I wanted to tell you guys was about a funny hand I played at Hustler in one of their multi day events. This happened pretty early, maybe the second or third level of the day.

Someone raised middle, like 3x, a couple of flatters, and I had 66sb. I called and BB called. Like 6 handed.

Flop was TJ6r. Normally I bet here but I figured someone would and I could chk raise and get him to maybe shove with top pair. This is really bad thinking but with the early stages of Hustler, no one folds and I want to him to put some money in before I build it. Looking back this is an easy lead.

Anyway, it got checked though. Another reason to NEVER check this spot. I like when I can validate my thinking.

The turn card was my 4th 6. Sweet. Well dumbshit I guess I have to lead now even though I have quads. I lead, the initial raiser calls, and we are heads up. The river is like a 3 and I lead pot. He tank calls and I show him quads and he says nice hand and folds.

About two hands later, the guy on my right finally realizes I led the turn with quads and says “Why did you lead with quads?”

With a straight face, I said I wanted to protect against his straight flush draw. LOL. He wa slike wow, good thinking. Man you are a good player. I said thanks and we moved on.

Little did he know that the flop was rainbow. No straight flush draw. So fun to mentally abuse the donks sometimes. Ahhh the little things….


Anyway that is it for now. I am leaving for another WSOPC tomorrow night. Rincon baby. Time to go after ring #2. Wish me luck and follow my tweets. I start Thursday afternoon at Noon.
Take care and have a great night.

Dan Nat

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