Hey all. I hope everyone has been well on and off the felt. Work has been super busy so I haven’t had any free time lately. Also with Legends going on, well you know the rest of the story. On to day 3.

I got to the table a little early and thanks to a friend doing table research, I knew this would be my toughest table yet.

The biggest name on my Day 3 table would be John Racener. He was the guy that finished 2nd to Duhamel a couple of years ago. I knew he would be looking for a spot early to get it in because like me, he was short.

Well John didn’t take too much time and lost very early in the day. They replaced him with a guy playing tight so that was a bonus.

I won a few very small pots early and started to chip up a little. I think I went from like 70-90k without a lot of showdowns. Things were going well until I lost another flip which would have put me in real good shape.

The table was pretty aggro with a 3 bet every hand. Didn’t see a ton of spots early but I had decided I was going to make a move soon. We had just come back from break when this hand happened.

I was in the SB with 93hh. The CO opened 2.2x, and an aggro Asian kid made it about 6x on the button. After looking at my hand, I felt like this was the spot I was going to take. My coaches have taught me to maybe pass on spots like this because I was OOP, but it just felt too good to miss. Two aggro guys making moves late seems like there is a very small chance they have real hands so when a cold 4 bet comes from an old guy like me, they will insta fold.

I thought for about 30 seconds and raised like 2.7x the button raise. I don’t remember the actual amount, but I know it was a little over ¼ of my stack. The BB (who was Greg Merson btw. He is still in 3rd in chips for the final table) folded and the CO folded just as fast. It was back to the button.

He went into the tank. I was like Oh Shit he has a real one. Ok just jam and I will turbo muck. He really was taking a long time. He wasn’t a fast acting player normally but this one was killing me. Comon man just fold the AJ, you can’t be good against me right?

Finally he cut his stack and called. Man that blows. Ok maybe I can get lucky and bink something.

Nope. Flop was T72sss. Yeah I really crushed that flop. Oh well going to have to try and barrel again and see if I get him to fold.

I lead a little under half pot which was about half my stack in total. I actually really thought about this sizing. I know it was a lot to risk on air, but I had to keep the lead. I also thought if I lead and get half my stack in, it will make my hand look even stronger and he may think that he doesn’t have any fold equity at all and might even fold a pair with a spade in it.

When I led, he looked at me and he did not look happy. He gave me kind of a mean look. It almost looked the Asian version of @GrumpyEyeRoller. I was laughing in my head when I saw it but that went away really quick so I could get back to the chants of Please Fold.

He took about a full minute and finally I saw him put the cards into the muck. Wow that was close. That hand took me back to what I had lost in the race with was about 90k. I think I had between 50-60bb again. I felt pretty good and unfortunately the table broke very soon after that hand.

My next table might have been my worse one all summer. I sat down, looked around, and noticed something very funny. I was the oldest player on the table by a good 10+ years. John Kim always makes fun of me because of my age and trust me, after looking at that table, I felt like I was 60.

For the first 45 mins, I didn’t play a hand. I was getting rags and the action was super crazy so everything was going along fine. It was fun to watch that table because there were a couple bracelet winners there and they would battle each other every couple of hands. I do love the new poker game and all the aggression. It is a fun thing to see hands turned over at the end and think I would have never put either one of the players on anything close to that 5 years ago.

I finally tried to 3 bet a couple times and got 4 bet jammed on and folded pre. The kids were not going to make it easy for me.

At this point, I figured that I had to do something if my 3 betting wasn’t work. I could just wait and try to open late with all folds in front of me, but I wasn’t sure how many spots like that there would be. The table was still crazy.

As I was thinking, a little light went off in my head. What about flatting in position and trying to take it away after the flop? Hmmmm. Well let’s try that.

Next orbit, guy raised HJ and I flatted the button with 8Tcc. Everyone folded. Flop was J53hhx. He led small, I raised and when I said raise, his cards hit the muck. Sweet.

I ended up doing this 3 times total and it worked every time. Granted I was not chipping up a ton, but I was grinding and staying around 40-50bb. It was really cool to be able to figure a way to still get chips if the other ways I am used to are not working. I thank all my coaches for giving me the training to think outside the box and make quick adjustments.

We ended up break after about 2.5 hours on that table and as fun as it was to play with those guys, I was very happy to get off of it. I probably had around 80k and I was getting moved into the Amazon room. I felt good about my play so far that day but I still needed to catch some kind of run and get back into the middle of the field or higher.

The biggest roller coaster in my poker career started after the dinner break. To say it was nerve-racking is an understatement.

I don’t want to make this too long so I will cut it off now and finish Day 3 next week.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.






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