Hey all. First I want to send my deepest condolences to the Ryan Young family. He was killed in a car crash earlier this week. I played with him a couple of times at Commerce and he is the one that busted me out of the ME this year. He seemed like a good kid and he was a great player. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Now on to Day 2.

After looking at my table draw, it seemed pretty good. The only name pro was Russell Rosenbloom who was about my age but had been doing this professionally a long time. Unfortunately he was on my direct left with a big stack so hopefully he wasn’t going to play too aggro and give me a ton of trouble.

My thought process going into Day 2 was that I was going to try and find a spot to gamble and try to build a big stack. I figured one early double and I could really start to play. Well I got that opportunity pretty quickly.

3 hands in, this older villain (he and I played some big hands later) raised 2.2x in the HJ and I looked down at AK in the CO. Bingo. I 3 bet to about 6x, button and SB folded, but then some foreign player turbo jammed. He was in my age range, so even though it was the 3rd hand, I did not figure him to 4 bet squeeze light this early into the day. The villain folded and I had the dealer count it down. It was about ½ my stack so it was a pretty easy call, which I did.

Once I said call he stood up and turned over TT like it was the best hand ever. It was pretty funny. There are definitely some characters that play the Main. I turned up my AK and I am not sure but I think he cussed me out in his native tongue. It sounded like Ricky Ricardo having a seizure.

So after the dealer pulled all the money in, she runs the flop. A72r. Nice. He was not happy because more words came out louder. Turn 4. Ok cool. River T ball. Dam. Couldn’t fade another river. Sucks.

He went nuts. Dancing around a little and now the words he was saying seemed happier than before. Ok pal, nice hand. Sit down and let’s go.

After that hand I was down to between 20-25bb. Still ok but kinda bummed I lost that race. The very next orbit, our old villain to my right in the HJ again opened, and this time I had QQ. Nice. I 3 bet him a little smaller this time because I wanted to gamble with QQ and was hoping he had somewhat of a real hand to call me with. Well that didn’t matter because Russell, who had only played a couple of hands, 4 bet me for half my stack. Both blinds folded, the villain folded, I jammed, and he beat me in. Uh oh.

He luckily had AK and my stack was in for the first time that it was at risk. The board ran out all babies and by winning that race, I was actually over staring stack for the day. I will tell you that I felt pretty good at that point. I think I was up to about 37 or 38k and I which was a little over 50bb and in that event, anytime you are over 50bb, you feel super deep.

Over the next couple of levels, nothing too exciting happened. I would steal blinds, then get called, then lose the pot. I couldn’t seem to win two hands that I played in a row. This really was the theme of my entire ME. Pretty annoying but since I have grinded my whole life, I wasn’t feeling too bad about doing it again.

Let’s get back to our old guy villain to my right. The next couple of hands happened back to back orbits and looking back on those hands later that night, I realized how bad I played them. I didn’t completely butcher them, but I could have taken better lines both times.

In the first one, it was his sb and my bb. He had raised my bb a couple of times so it was getting a little annoying. I was thinking that anything close, I was going to 3 bet him and take the lead pre and hopefully barrel or double barrel to take a nice pot.

It folded to his sb and he raised like he normally did. I looked down at AJ. Oooh baby. I announced raise and I 3 bet him a little higher than I had been doing it before because I figure I was way ahead and I wanted to get more value.

He thought for about 10 seconds and called. Ok cool.

Flop AKK. Nice. He checked pretty quick, I took my time and led half pot. At this point, I was hoping he had a weaker A or some small pair he was not going to fold yet. He called.

Turn Td putting the second diamond up and giving me a gutter. Nice card. I led a little smaller this time, maybe 30% – 40% pot. I pretty much expected a quick call or a fold at this point but what I got was a bad surprise.

He looked at my bet and then the speech started. Here is what I can remember from the speech…”why did you bet so light? You trying to fish me in? You must have a K. There is no way you just have an A. Maybe a straight already? I think you are trying to reel me in”.

Ok I have been playing live poker for over 20 years and when guys his age make this speech, it’s either the nuts or air. Pretty simple to read. At this point, I was pretty sure he was going to bomb it but a little part of me hoped he would fold.

Well my first instinct was right. He bombed it. He raised like 3x my bet. Dam. Again 2nd best. I took about 15 seconds and pretty easily mucked. He smiled at me and flashed AK. Nice flop sir. Thanks for raising and maybe saving me a 3rd barrel.

The way I played this bad was betting the turn. I should have flatted there because the only thing I get value from is a worse A and in these type of hands, I am going to only get 2 streets anyway so it probably works better trying to get the flop and river. Also, if he does raise like he did, I can get blown off my gutshot. Of course I was dead on the flop, but normally he won’t flop a boat and my gutshot will be live.

On the very next orbit, I finally pick up AA. First time all ME that I had rockets. Nice. I raise 2.5 and everyone folds to our old villain in the BB. He looks at his cards and snap calls. Cool.

Flop 689r. Looks nice. He checks, I lead, and without the speech this time, he raises about 2.2-2.3x of my bet. The first thing that crossed my mind was a pair and a straight draw. It also could be like top pair good kicker and I even thought maybe he is putting me on 2 overs and thinks his one pair hand is good.

After thinking this through, I decide to raise. My thoughts were I was ahead now and if he was on a draw, I wanted to make him pay. Also it was a decent pot at this point so I wouldn’t be too upset if he folded.

After I put the amount of the raise in, the dealer stopped the action and said I didn’t raise enough. Huh? I think the actual amounts were I led 1800, he made it 4300, so I had to make it 6800 and I had made it 7k. It was correct but the dealer began to argue with me about it. A couple of the players jumped in and said my raise was fine and I said if he (the dealer) was having an issue with it, go ahead and call the floor.

All the while this is going on; the villain had not said a word. I realized this about a minute in and again I figure he is going to fold out or bomb. If he bombs again, I am going to throw up a little in my mouth and probably fold.

The dealer finally said the raise stands and as he is ending his sentence, the guys bombs 20k into the pot. Lovely. Just friggin lovely.

I don’t tank too long and fold. He asks if I want to see, I say sure, and he flashes 66 for bottom set. Nice hand I say.

After thinking about this hand, I should have flatted his raise and peeled one off. If a middle card comes, not only do I not lose any more money, but he might have given me a free card to bink the A on the river. I tried to get him to pay for the draw but what I did was open up the action and allow myself to get blown off maybe the best hand. I am sure he is not going to 4 bet bluff in that spot so when he raised so I know I was beat, but in the future, I have to just chill and flat because I still have a real hand and more importantly, I still have position.

After those hands with him, I wasn’t involved in too many more big pots. I flopped top top which turned into the nut flush on the river and won a good pot, but still, I could not ever get that big run going. I chilled after dinner and ended the day with 72k which was about 30k below average.

I was happy to make it to Day 3 but I knew I had to really get going the next day if I was going to make any kind of a run. I got a lot of rest that night and was pretty pumped when I woke up the next morning.


That’s it for this week. Sorry it was so long. Thanks for reading and check back next week for Day 3.

Have a great week.



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