Hi all. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I didn’t write a blog last week but I have been grinding my IT business because I want to get all my bigger projects done before I leave for the WSOP.

Having only played one tourney this week, I decided I wanted to work on a few things so I drove down to the Bike for their Quantum Reload event. This event is a little different than other events because it starts off with 55 min rounds and if you bust between 4PM and 6PM, you can re-enter for more money and more chips. After 8PM, the blinds go to 20 minutes and it becomes a turbo. It is only $40.00 to start and with all the rebuys (you can rebuy once each session), the price pool does become decent. First place tonight was 7800. Not bad for a $40.00 buy in.

Some funny stuff happened to me and on my tables so I thought I would share the funniest moments. I really had fun and I am glad I was there to witness some of this madness.

I got there about 430, bought in, and got to my table. They just opened it so we all had 5k with blinds 25-50. In about an hour, I did a rebuy (for another 5k), played about 6 pots and won them all. I was up to a little over 16k.

Right before the break, I lost 3 straight hands and was busto. Over pair vs. set, monster draw that missed, then got it in with top against overs and he rivered and over. Oh well, back in line to rebuy in.

I sat down at my new table and the deck hit me. I guess to the casual observer, it looks like I am playing every hand, but it was just the cards. I did have to show some of the hands but of course they were monsters. The next couple hands really got my stack going.

The first hand, there were 4 limpers to me on the button with TT. Blinds were 100-200-25, so I made it 1100. SB folded and the BB, who looked annoyed at me, tanks, then says raise and makes it 4100. All the limpers fold. I thought about jamming on him but I figured I had position, so I would call and see a flop. I had about 20k at the time.

Flop was T34cc. Top set. Weeeee. BB checked and I took a little time and bet 1100, my original raise. BGJ and I both love this bet because it confuses the casual player and more times then not they just spaz out and jam.

Well that is exactly what happened. BB insta jams like 14k and I snap of course. He has KQo no club. Almost drawing dead. Turn and river brick out and I win a nice pot.

The next spaz hand happened when I was in the SB and the blinds were 200-400-50. There were 4 limpers again and I have KK. I make it 2100. BB folds, the first 3 limpers fold and the last one calls. Board is 932r. This time, I lead 1600, the other player thinks for about 20 seconds and jams 15k. I beat him in again and he turns over 78o. Huh? Lol. I hold and win another big pot.

I chilled a little bit because my run was over but I was still stealing in position. Also, I 3 bet a guy a couple of times and we didn’t see a flop either time. I think I had a real hand one the first time and air the second one.

The first really funny hand happened now. There is a guy 2 to my right who thinks he is Phil Helmuth. He tries to talk like him and he is playing pretty tight. He was the guy I 3 bet twice because I never saw him call a raise. I wasn’t in this hand but it had me rolling inside.

There were 4 limpers and he checks his BB. Flop is TT2ss. It checks through. Turn Jh. BB (Phil) bets pot, older gentleman calls and they are heads up. River is a 2s. Phil checks and the other player bets a little over half pot. Phil snap calls and turns over QT for trips the other guy turns over JJ for a turned boat.

Phil jumps up and starts yelling “That’s so gross. I can’t believe my luck. So sick”. He finally sits down and looks at the dealer and says “I am the only player not to go broke on that hand. I should be broke but I am still in. I am that good”. LOL. I swear I did everything I could to not laugh at loud. So funny. Oh yeah by the way, he has 3BB left after his river call. Classic.

The next funny hand happened with the same older gentleman from the last hand. The blinds were now 400-800-75. This player, btw, has not raised one time in the last two hours that he has been at the table. I have only seen him limp, fold, and bet 3x pot on the river with the stone cold nuts. Here is a pic I took of him:












He is UTG + 2 I think and he looks at his cards and puts in 1500. The dealer says you have to make it 1600, and he says he put the wrong color in. To me, it seemed like he didn’t want to raise and since he hadn’t raised in two hours, that was the read I got.

It folded around to the BB who checked his option. The flop is J83r. The BB has about 55k, which is 68bb. He looks at the older player and open ships.

The older player calmly looks at the guy, says call and turns over AA. Did I just see what I thought I saw? A 70 year old just angle shoot Aces? Wow. Only at the Bike.

After he sees the AA, the BB jumps up, flips over his KJ, and begs for a J or K. Of course the board bricks out and he’s out.

Now instead of leaving quietly, he picks up his two cards, throws them at the dealer and reaches in and splashes his chip piles and they go everywhere. Unreal. What a dick. It took the dealer, the floor, and half the table 10 minutes to try and figure out what chips were in the pot and what players had in their own stack before the hand because they were so mixed up. What a nightmare.

I will stop right here so it doesn’t get too long. Check back next week for a hand I played that a guy shipped, a guy called, I re-shipped and another player not in the hand and the caller argue about how good I am. So funny.

Thanks for reading this and have a great week.



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