Hey all. Hope everyone had a great week. Mine was ok. No big poker scores and a couple of rough cash sessions, but overall it was nice to be able to play as much as I did.

First off, I want to thank everyone that commented on my hand from last week. I read all the comments and I really appreciate them. Hopefully in the near future we can get even more people to give us their views which in turn will make us all better players in the long run.

Here are the results of the hand:

I tanked for a little longer than normal and finally shipped it in.

Button turbo folded and it got back to the guy. He actually looked disgusted and didn’t snap call. Huh? The guy check raises over half his stack and doesn’t snap? What da hell? Did I actually have fold equity I didn’t think I possibly could have? I almost said WOW out loud.

He actually took over a minute and finally said “I guess I have to call. I know you have a set but I can’t fold this hand”. So funny.

He rolled over bottom two pair and he hit his boat on the turn. At first I thought he slow rolled me, but then I realized that he just wasn’t thinking on the level I was thinking on and he really believed that when a player shoves on him, they always have the nuts. He probably was just a recreational player and was there to play a local casino event and have some fun.

This hand stuck with me last week so luckily I was scheduled to have a training session with John Kim and Joe Tehan from Stackem Coaching a couple of days later. I sent them and email with this hand and we talked about it during the session.

They both agreed with a couple of posters that a check there is fine and not to play the hand as strong as I did. They also said with my skill edge in the field, it was not a good time to basically gamble for my tournament. If I just check fold or check call a bet on the flop, I can get away from it on the turn or river if I brick everything and still have 55-60bb left in a decent structure. Funny also that when I asked them what they thought the player had and the first thing out of their mouths was two pair. Nice read guys. This is why they are the coaches and I am the student.

I had a few topics I wanted to discuss this week, but I played a really fun hand with Men the Master on Monday night at Commerce in the Cal State Double Stack that I think you will enjoy. I will go through the hand the same way I did last week and you can give me your thoughts on if I played it right and what you would do on the river.

Blinds are 100-200 no ante. We all started with 12k and I have about 16k to start the hand. Men has me covered but not by much. He is UTG + 1 and I am on the button. We are playing 8 handed.

Men limps, a couple of limps behind him, and I look at K9hh on the button. I could raise here of course, but I really don’t love playing big pots before the antes kick in, so I limp. Sb folds and BB (WhoJedi) calls.

Flop is K84cc no heart. Everyone checks to me and the pot is 1100 so far, so when they all check, I bet 600. BB folds, Men calls, and the other two limpers fold. The pot is now 2300.

Turn card is the Th. Looks pretty safe. Men tanks a little and bets 1k. Kinda weird to me because I don’t think it’s a value bet, so it must be a blocker bet right? I think for a minute and if he had flopped a monster, I think he would have bet more for value and maybe a little protection against the flush draw that is in my range.

After some consideration, I decide it is a blocker bet and since I like to abuse those, I raise it to 3100. Good thing I don’t like to play big pots this early right? LOL.

After I say raise and I put the 3100 in, Men’s chips beat me into the pot. Wow that was fast. I didn’t think he could react that fast at his age (Yes JK there is someone older than me that still plays poker).

Now the pot is huge. 8500. Oy. Top pair, bad kicker, and playing a guy that knows what he is doing at a poker table. He may be an old school player, but he still is one of the best of all time and really seemed to know where he is at in a hand.

The river is the 4c. Probably one of the worst cards in the deck for me. He tanks and checks.

So what would you do? I know the easy answer is check behind because you have show down value and with that horrible river card and you may be right but I want you guys to think outside the box on this one. Go through the hand and think about what  his range is and what the optimal play is. If you come to the conclusion that is a check back 100% of the time, go ahead and post it. If not, I would love to hear your thoughts on if and why you can bet the river.

Thanks again for reading this and hopefully everyone has a great week on and off the felt.





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