I thought I’d share my unique Black Friday experience. When I played online, it was exclusively cash games, first at Party then FTP – I never had a Stars account. I mainly played Rush Poker 4-tabling 100nl and 200nl and some smaller heads-up cash games – both quick and easy ways to play a bunch of hands fast instead of folding-waiting a bunch in full-ring games. Around 10:00am on the morning of BF, I loaded up a 50nl match vs some random Russian. It turned out to be one of the most fun sessions of online poker I ever had.

I don’t claim to be good at heads-up, hence playing small-stakes, but the person I played was the worst player I ever played. He had the most obvious betting pattern where he would bet all his strong hands, check-call all his medium hands, and fold all his weak hands. He never check-raised me once. A lot of players do this when they play live poker 9-10 handed and you could survive, but heads-up there is a 0% chance winning in the long-run using this strategy. Every single time he checked to me, I bet and he would fold 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time I would double barrel and he would fold. My cards were obviously meaningless. I felt like I was printing money – it was great!!! I turned $50 into $150, gave some back so when this hard started he had around $95.

PRE – I’m on the button, I raise, he 3b, I call

FLOP – he check, I bet, he calls (my hand is irreverent, but I think I had overs and a gut-shot)

TURN – he check, I bet, he calls

He had never check-called twice, maybe he was getting stubborn.

RIVER – I missed –I had King high. He checked. Pot was around $45 and he had $73 left. I knew I had to bet but felt like he might call a normal 50-75% pot bet. So following Dan’s advice “When in doubt, just shove.” – I pushed the all-in button.

I got past the “insta-call” period. But he was still not folding. I’m thinking “How can you call a 1.5x pot bet after check-calling 2 earlier streets”. The clock went close to zero but he clicked on the time bank for more time. I am screaming at my computer “JUST FOLD, JUST FOLD!!!”

5,4,3,2,1….. he folded!!!! I am now fist-pumping and yelling, all over a pot of just $45. I proceed to win 4 buy-in’s off the guy before I quit to meet some friends for lunch. On the way to lunch, my Dad called me to say online poker got shut down. I argued saying I just played and won this match, but he was obviously right. This was my last hand of online poker.

I got a little money stuck on FTP and hopefully that will be resolved soon and I might see some or all of it. Regulation to bring back online poker looks likely too, but that might be 1-2 years away. I do wish our government could figure it out so I could have more of these fun experiences again.










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