Hey all. I hope every one had a great week. I know I did. Now on to….


Like I said in my last post, Rick sat down to my right and I knew he was going to try and find a spot to get it in. Well about 8-10 hands in, an older player raised UTG +2 and Rick jammed with 77. Unfortunately for him, the older gentleman had QQ which held and knocked Rick out. Sucks to see a buddy get knocked out but I am sure he felt better after I paid him our swap percentage.

The table didn’t break but after another player was gone, 2 new older players came and sat down. Also, the pretty Asian lady from Day 1 also was moved into our table. The table felt pretty soft with only 1 kid a few spots to my left. Here is where the first big hand of Day 2 was played.

With blinds at 1500-3000/500,the Asian lady makes it 6k to to go. A guy in the middle calls, the new older guy on the button calls, SB folds, and I look down at 45off. I had about 80k to start so of course I call. Flop is T55cc. Bingo. I check, lady checks, middle checks and the button bets 20k into about 28k. I decide in click it back (min raise) to 40k. The lady goes into the tank and jams 160k. Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

Middle folds, button says something about his T not being good and folds, and of course I insta call. I am in seat 8 and she is in 2 so when she flips her cards, it looks like she has two red QQ but what she really had was KQdd. Huh? So she min raise pre, bricks the flop, checks the flop, then check raises all in with a bet and a min bump behind her. I was in shock. Like I said last week, she was really nice but not very experienced.

The turn was a Q which of course gave her outs with another Q, but the river was a 2 and I went from like 80k to start to 240k. What a pot to win that deep into the tournament. I was really happy but wouldn’t hold on to those chips for long.

I think we broke the bubble soon after that hand and I had tried to abuse it and my stack went down to like 200k. Blinds had gone up to 4k-8k-1k when this hand came up.

I had picked up a betting pattern from the old guy 2 players to my right. If he made it 3x+ he had a strong hand but if he made it 2.5x, he had a marginal hand and had folded to some 3 bets when he raised the smaller size.

It folded around to the button and he raised 2.4x. Before I even looked at my cards, I knew he was weak and I was going to 3 bet him with almost any 2 cards knowing I would probably just take it preflop.

I looked down at 55. Nice. Way ahead of my range so I 3 bet him. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I know it wasn’t huge. One of my coaches later told me I should have raised more to get him off his hand, but I have been trying to keep my 3 bet sizing as small I can just in case they 4 bet jam on me. I will be discussing this with my Stackem Coaches in the next session.

After I put the raise in, the guy went into the tank. I knew he was weak and really didn’t want to call, but after a minute or so, asked how much more it was to him (the coach was right. I made it too little), he called.

Flop was JJ3cc. I cbet a little under 1/2 pot and he insta jammed. Uh oh. I really took my time and thought about the hand and of course he never has a J here, but what does he have?

After a minute or so, I was getting almost 3-1 to call and I really felt he was on a draw, I called. He turned over A9cc which actually had him mathematically ahead at the time.

The turn was a nice red 2 but the river was a red 9 which gave him a huge pot. I was pretty bummed and he was elated. If I would have dodged that hand, I would have been in the top 3 of the event with about 4-5 tables left. Oh well, on to the next hand.

Ahh but no so fast. He started to talk to me and tell me how he was a favorite when the chips went in and even though I made a great call, he was in the lead. He was trying to tell me the exact odds and how his play was profitable in the long run.

One of my many leaks that I have tried for years to close is to not get involved with this kind of table talk with a specific player. It really doesn’t help my game at all and this was the main reason that I listen to music at the tables now. I just want to let the hand go as quick as I can, not tilt, and go to the next hand. I was trying to do this with this guy but he would not let it go.

Finally, I looked at him and told him this wasn’t my first tournament and I know the math. I also told him that he called a 3 bet with A9 from a BB raise from a player (me) that hadn’t played a lot of hands so his hand wolud never be good there. Of course we all know that I would have done that with almost any two cards, but in his eyes, I was just a regular player and probably not doing that without a monster.

He finally quieted down and we continued play. I now had like 15bb left so I was looking for a spot to get it in. Well of course it folded to him on the button and couple of orbits later and he made it 2.2x. Sb again folded and knowing his bet sizing I looked down at KJo and put it in. He looked at his cards again real quick and almost jumped out of his seat calling and turning over AA. Really? Dam.

I stood up and noticed the MCB were all watching from the rail and I looked over and they didn’t look good. One of them started yelling for kings or something but I was in a world of hurt. I starting wrapping up my headphones as the dealer was pulling the chips in.

As fate would have it, the flop came down Q98 rainbow. My buddy Steve, yells out 10 ball. I am thinking the same thing and wouldn’t you know it, the turn was the beautiful Ts. Bink. Boom goes the Dynamite. Are you kidding me? I hit another gutter? Sweet.

The MCB rail was going nuts and we were all pretty excited to see that card. The guy, who was giving me shit about his hand, started in again with how lucky I was and he was the unluckiest player in the world. I sat back down, as did he, and the fireworks started again. He would not let it go telling me how bad I am shoving with KJ into his raise, bla bla bla, so finally after about 5 minutes of this I told him that’s poker and just let it go. We all have bad luck in this game and move on. I guess he didn’t like my tone so he said I was an obnoxious jerk and he hoped I busted out soon. Whatever.

We ended up breaking the 4th table soon after that and redrew with 27 left. Of course me and the villain get moved right next to each other. I am in seat 2 and he is in seat 3. He will not even look at me. Awkward but now I know how he plays and even though he is on my left, I know I can put him in really bad spots and hopefully he will continue to make bad decisions.

Very early at the table I tried to raise and steal and it seemed like the villain wanted to play pots with me. I guess he was holding a grudge over the AA hand and totally forgot about the A9 hand.

On one of the first few orbits, I raised utg with AJhh. He called pretty quick and everyone else folded. Flop was 862ss. I thought about this flop and our history and I felt that if I cbet, he would snap call and I would be in a bad spot on the turn if I brick again. A play came into my head that I thought would work since in reality, even though he wants to beat me, he was still on the tighter side.

I figured if I checked, he would bet any hand to try and take the pot. So, I figured I was going to check and unless he bets pot, I am going to check raise to make it look as strong as I could. I checked, he quickly bet like half pot, I took a little time, and made it like 2.3x his raise size.

The minute I said raise he fell back into his chair and looked visibly upset. Gotcha. LOL.

He took about 1 minute and started to say out loud and I quote “I knew you had Aces. Why didn’t I listen to myself? I am so dump. The Aces are written all over you face”. Classic. I really wish I would have had a 2 in my hand to show him when he mucked, but I couldn’t show any of my two cards because they were way too high. I did win a nice pot and again he wouldn’t even turn and look at me.

For the next couple of hours, I didn’t have a lot of hands. I just grinded with stealing some blinds and a couple of 3 bets to stay even. When we got down to 2 tables with about 16 left, some player raised early, a 12bb stack shoved and I woke up with AA in the BB (pokers is all skillz). I flatted, the player who raised insta mucked telling me he knew I had a big one (good read) and the other player flipped up KJcc. I thought Karma might bite me back because that was the hand I cracked AA with earlier, but the Poker Gods were on my side and the flop came AA4 no clubs. Flopped quads and he was drawing dead. Nice.

We got to the final table relativity quickly after that hand and the clock read 10:00 PM. We started Day 2 at noon but with the hour long dinner break, it didn’t seem like we had already played 10 hours. I was tired but I hadn’t hit the wall yet. Of course the 30 diet Pepsi’s I had drank during the day were still in effect.

We drew seats for the final table and I drew seat 4. The villain (old button guy) that absolutely hated me was in seat 7 so I was the CO into his BB. I was pretty sure we would be involved in more hands as the final table wore on and I was correct in that thinking.


That is all for this week. Check back next week for the final table recap. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.



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