It has been a while since my last post, which might be kind of surprising coming off the tourney score at the Bike WSOP-c and a nice cash session at Commerce. I did have a min-cash in the Commerce $550 HU tourney, which was real fun to play. But I have not played at all during the past six weeks however Dan’s win at Rincon inspired me to play.

My first event was the $1600 Main. I have never played a bigger buy-in tourney before and was really looking forward to it. Well, my drive to the casino lasted longer than my tournament when I mis-played a hand early and was on the rail before the first break (FWIW, I got 170bb in with 75hh on a QJ75hh board vs JJ). I felt really dumb for dusting off my chips like that and realized I had 27 hours until the next tourney started. Well, let’s try the cash games.

Harrah’s Rincon has hands-down the worst cash poker room of any casino I have ever been to. On a Saturday afternoon there were a total of two tables running, 1-3NL and 3-6 limit. I was happy to hear there was a promotion where if you play one hour, you get $20 in cash and $50 in casino match play chips. Well in that one hour, I dusted off about $800 and then spent another $200 in the pit trying to use those match play chips. Down $2600 in four hours or so, I hunted Dan down to borrow some money. I get back to the cash room and the only seat open is at the 3-6 limit. I decide to play, get slow-rolled by a 65-year old man who had the nuts, and realize I’d have enough poker for one day.

The next day did turn out to be better. It was the last WSOP-c event for Rincon, the same $350 I won at the Bike. The first five hours started off slow, never getting over 2x starting stack. The last two hours, I turn a flush vs turn str for a double up, then flop middle set vs pair and fd for another double. I ended the day 8.5x starting stack, good for 3/28 players left.

Day Two I ran well/played well to build a huge stack when we got to 7-handed. I was leader with 45% of the chips. I started to think about getting my 2nd ring and qualifying for the $10k WSOP-c seat, but it was not meant to be. I lost my last seven all-ins to bust 4th for $3,600. I wish I could have played a couple hands different, but instead of going through those, lets get to the hand which describes the title – Boom Goes the Dynamite.

The expression is a silly one I learned from the guys who play the Friday 818 cash game. They use it to needle each other when you show a bluff or hit an insane suck-out. My hand happened three spots short of the money bubble against a young kid who was acting real grumpy and arrogant, like he was too good to be playing with us. He had dropped some f-bombs earlier and slow-rolled AK against me earlier vs my JJ and spiked an A on the river to stay alive. On to the hand…

He opens from EP, I 3b with QTcc, he 4b all-in for 22bb, about 1/3 my stack. I do the math, it is real close….I tank…okay I call. I am happy to see AKo but he is already mad that I called so light.

Flop AKxcc, I got tons of str and flush out, however I forgot about….

Turn T

River T















I can safely say I will not be on his Christmas list as he left slamming the table, knocking over his chair, and walking out of the room cursing. Several people, including a dealer, congratulated me on knocking him because of his attitude. I guess I got lucky here so I can’t complain about losing all the other all-ins at the FT. On to the next one.





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