Hey all. Sorry I haven’t done a blog in a couple of weeks, I was busy training and winning some poker tournament in Rincon last weekend.

First off, I would like to thank everyone for posting all the comments about the hand I put up a couple of weeks ago. I never thought it would create that much discussion. At the time I played it, I just thought is wasn’t that big of a deal but I guess I was wrong. Thanks again for your involvement in the discussions and even though I won’t have a hand to discuss this week, I will post one next week and get a new discussion going.

I will now finish the hand as it happened. We left off with him check raising my turn bet to 3600. I have about 6700 left, so I decided to flat his raise. I did this because I really felt he was good enough to make a move like that and I still had the best hand.

The river was the Jc. I didn’t like this card very much because AJ is in his range, but it was definitely better than seeing the 4th heart hit. He checked really fast and I tanked a little to think about getting any value from a worse hand. really try and think a lot at the end of hands because I really hate missing value now. I did end up checking and turning over my AK and he quickly mucked his hand.

After discussing this with a lot of people, including John Kim my Stackem coach, I feel like I played this have very well.At first, John liked a fold, but when I described the player more, he agreed with my line of thinking. It was nice to hear that my thinking was correct from such a great player like John.

Thanks again for being so involved with that hand and the discussions after I posted it.

Now to the big news. I am sure you have all heard by now, but if you haven’t, the Min-Cash Brigade went down to Rincon last week to try and mash the WSOPC events. Well, we did just that.

I starting the mashing by finishing 8th in the first $355.00 ring event for a cash of almost 2600. Next, Ron Phipps finished 3rd in the $555.00 event for almost 9k, and then the big score came.

In the $355.00 re-entry event, I finished first for 30k and the coveted WSOPC Gold Ring. Unbelievable!!

Binked the Ringy Thingy

I am going to do a recap of both days of the event I won. Day 1 will be this week and Day 2 will be next week. Here is Day 1:

There were a total of 487 runners for the event. I played the Noon session to qualify for Day 2.

Day 1 was pretty fun early. I had a very nice table draw and seemed to be involved in a lot of pots. Not many really big ones, but I did pick up a couple of nice bet sizing patterns on a few of the players and I really used that to chip up my stack. My cards weren’t great, but once I was able to catch those patterns, I just basically stole chips with air. It’s amazing what you can do when you actually pay attention to the way people play even when you are not in the hand. Thanks coaches for reminding me to do this.


When the table broke, I got moved to a table with a couple of guys with huge stacks. They both looked young so I figured I would be involved with those players very soon. As it turns out, the guys with the stacks were just getting hit by the deck. There was no 3 or 4 betting, just usually a raise and call and not more than 3 handed to any flop. A couple of the guys were drinking beer, so I ended up raising any chance I could to isolate them and especially when they were in the blinds. I did chip up from about 12 to 20k without a lot of showdowns. Things were going pretty well at this point.

When the second table broke, I got moved to a table where most of the players all had decent sized stacks. I played a little tight for a couple of orbits to get a feel for the table, and it didn’t look overly aggressive.

Unfortunately for me, I went completely card dead. I never saw a pair and I think my best hand in two hours was A10cc and there was a raise and 3 bet in front of me so I had to fold. This is one of the 3 key spots on Day 1 for me.

When I was card dead, I had tried to open late and would get re-raised so I could not call. This happened more than once and I began to get frustrated. I got up and took a quick 2 minute break to try to figure out something to stay alive. When I got back, I had noticed that this guy would raise every HJ when I was on the button. I didn’t notice it before, but that little clearing of my head helped me pick it up now. So, taking the advise Ron had given me the day before in the first event, I went into 3 bet mode.

Every time he raised late, from any position, I was going to try and 3 bet him no matter what my cards were. The first time I did it, I never even looked at my hole cards (kids don’t try this at home). the blinds folded and he folded pretty quickly. Nice.

I ended up doing this at least 4-5 times and he never called. It was like free money. It’s kinda funny that he never picked up on it because he never played back at me, but I guess that is why some players are better than others. He was a nice guy and everything, but I needed the chips so sorry pal.

The table broke again and I got moved to a new table with all varying chip stack sizes. The leader was a very pretty Asian women. I hate to stereo type players, but when I have played with these type of female players before, they are either super aggro or super tight. I was hoping this was the tight kind but she was 2 to my right, so it would not have been bad either way. (PS: ladies, don’t yell at me for those comments. There are a ton of GREAT women players, my wife being one of them. Our coaches teach us to stereo type a player when we first sit down and adjust it later after we play some hands with them. I am just doing what my coaches teach me).

Anyway, I finally picked up KK utg. I make it 2.5, and the player immediately to my left shoves a short stack. Everyone else folds and we get it in. He has ATdd. Flop is ATT. Uh oh.

He holds and I now am down to 15bb. Yuk. Oh well. Was a little frustrated to play good so far and lose a nice pot there, but it happens and luckily we had a break soon.

After the break, I got back and I was UTG. The very first hand I looked down at ATo and put it in. It folded all around to the BB Asian Lady and she went into the tank. It turns out she was very tight and I knew I was dead if she called. I didn’t even feel like it would be a race. I thought AJ or AQ for sure. Maybe TT or 99, but doubtful. She finally called and turned over JJ. Huh? Nice slowroll. She had like like 4-1 at least.

This turned out to be the first key suck out of the tournament. The flop came Q98 rainbow. Ok. Turn was a 3. Then I bink one of the remaining JJ to hit a gutter. Sweet. The lady was not happy with me. See how slow rolling is never good? To her defense, I am sure she didn’t do it on purpose. She wasn’t a very experienced player. Very nice though.

Anyway, that table broke and I moved to my final table of day 1. I sat down with about 30bb and the guy on my right had about 70bb.

I grinded away trying to steal hear and there and was basically even when this hand came up.

I was talking to Ron, who had just busted 3rd in the $555.00 for almost 9k. As we were talking, I looked down at AKdd. an older guy ahead of me jams 10bb, the CL to my right calls, and I of course pile my stack in. It gets back to the CL and he says ok I call and he has 77. The guy that jammed in front of us has K7ss, so I only need an Ace to win it all pretty much. Ace right in the window and bam, I almost triple up. Sweet. (side note: Rick saw the end of the hand, looks at me, and says *&**^ you run good. Yes I do sir thanks for that).

So after that hand, I was feeling good. We played about an hour and a half more and I ended the day with 35bb. Not bad since I usually go into Day 2 with between 20-25BB. We went to dinner and had a pretty fun night.

Looking back on what happened I wish I would have gotten more sleep that night. We got back to the room about 4 when Rick and I realized we would start day 2 sitting next to each other. Last time we did that I ran my KK into his AA and I was hoping that didn’t happen again. We went to sleep for about 4 hours and I got up pretty tired from the trip. Little did I know that I was going to play the longest tournament session in my life that day.

Thanks for reading and I will post Day 2 next week.

Take care and have a great week.

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