No, I am not talking about Star Wars, although it is one of my favorite movies of all time. Out of the 6, it would be really hard for me to pick which one I liked the most, but if I had to, I would pick the original Star Wars. What an incredible series.






This weeks blog is about hope. When times are rough on and off the felt, it takes a lot for a person to keep the faith. The worst possible things that can happen seem to happen over and over and it feels like things will never get better.

Over the last few days, I almost lost my Grandfather. He has been my father figure my entire life. He is 98 years old so this was expected to happen, but even though my family and I were prepared for this, it really started to hit us hard. As of Friday night, the doctors told us there was no hope and just prepare for the worst.

I posted on FB and asked all my friends to pray for him. I am not a very religious person, but I hoped that with everyone praying that night for him, either he would get better or at least he would be comfortable as he passes on.

Well it seems like all the prayers worked. He is doing a lot better today and even though he is 98 and he can pass at any time, the doctors told us that there now is hope for him to continue living. They are calling it a small miracle and I really don’t care what they call it, all I care about is that he is still here and I can spend more time with him.

Even though I didn’t really didn’t have any hope on Friday night in my conscious mind, I did have it in my sub conscious and now after today’s events, it has moved to the front of the line.

So how does this relate to poker you ask? Well let me tell you what I think .

We all go through these bad runs on the felt. We feel like we lose every race, never hit a draw, and every time we get it in with pair over pair, we know they are going to hit a set. We feel like we are hopeless and it doesn’t matter what we do, we will never win another pot.

This is just not the case.

Poker is a game of numbers. When I have AA and you have KK, I am going to lose 20 out of 100 times. It is a mathematical fact. You can not dispute this.

Since we can’t dispute the numbers, how do we deal with the 20 times we lose?

We keep playing and HOPING to play the best we can. We can hope the 20 times doesn’t happen in a key spot or in a big tournament, but of course variance will take care of that and she will rear her ugly head in what seems like the worst spot ever.

As most of you already know, I have not had a good start to 2012 on the felt. I have been trying to deal with it by keeping my head as clear as possible and playing every hand one hand at a time. Of course that’s easier said than done, but in the last couple of events, I feel like I played really well and I have gotten most of my focus back.

The first thought I have when I sit down to play lately is…I hope to play the best I can play today and if I don’t win, it’s ok. Life will go on and there is always another time to play very soon. Hoping this bad run will end soon is what has kept me going back for more.

My advice to you is to make sure you try to stay focused and let your poker skill take over. Keep hoping to play your best at all times and the results will start to show. I played the Winning of the Green Sunday night and finally made a semi deep run cashing for almost 600. While it is not a lot of money, it felt good to be able to play good and catch some breaks on the way.

Before I go, I have been discussing this blog with some friends and they suggested I post a hand and not tell you the results so we can get some discussion going on the hand. This seems like a great idea so here is the first hand that I want to post. It was a hand from the Wynn Classic last week in Vegas.

We were in the second level and the blinds were 50-100. I had lost a little bit of money and started the hand with 8600. The villain was an active player and started this hand with about 12k.

He raised UTG to 250 and I was in the CO with AKcc. I made it 650, every one folded and he called.

Flop was As7h3h. He checked, I bet 825 and he called. Turn was 9h completing the 3 card flush on the board.

He checked again and I bet 1700. He took a little time, and raised me to 3800.

Pot was now 8600. I had 5200 left.

The villain seemed to be very competent with his sizing and looked like he knew what he was doing.

So what would you do? Flat, raise, ship, or fold? Also, when you post your opinion, please include the river play as well.

I will post the actual results of the hand next week. Thanks for reading this and have a great week.




PS: If you want to discuss flop play in this hand as well, please feel free to do so.

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