I will be a new contributor to the GT Poker website, doing a periodic column on cash games, mostly a recap of my live cash sessions, with a little bit of strategy thrown in. My main game is the Commerce 5/10 $500-1500 buy-in game, but I might play some 2/3 or 2/5 and maybe take a shot at 10/20.

My first session of 2012 was at Commerce after busting a $300 tourney, taking the walk of shame downstairs to recoup that loss. Me and many others.

I buy in for $1k, fold a couple hands, and then get QQ UTG+1. UTG limps, I make it $50, button calls, limper calls (pot 160 after rake). Flop 665 – that’s pretty good I think – limper checks, I bet $80, button folds, limper calls – pot $325. Turn 2. He checks, I bet again $180, he makes it $380. Uh oh. I guess I could call and fold to a river shove but that sounds bad. Fold seems weak and real exploitable if I am folding to all check-raises on paired boards. And it is some hoodie punk who might think his 99 is good. I am going to take a stand, does he know who I am – I am Big Game James!!! Big Game James is not exploitable – I am all in. Yeah, take that.

I get shown 55 (flopped boat) – bye bye $1k. 2012 sucks so far. (strategy insert – I probably should have bet-folded, easier said than done)

I pull out another 10 white chips, win some, lose some, win some more, and get my stack back to $1300 when this hand happens. Villain is a bad Persian player just lost most of his chips and is now short ~ $400. He opens UTG $30, I 3b to $90, everyone folds, he calls – pot $190. Flop J62, I c-bet $100, he jams on me, I call, board bricks out, my TPTK is good. But then I get a two-minute speech about how bad it is to 3b AJ. Thank you sir. He locks up the seat to hit the ATM.

So I am up to $1700 when this one happens. Villain here is a Asian Commerce reg, buys in for full 1500, he is up to $1600, no major reads so far. I open T9o to $35, he calls, SB calls – pot $110. Flop J85, I c-bet $70, villain calls – pot $250. Turn Q – 2012 is looking better. I bet $175, he makes is $675 (he only has $820 left). I jam, he calls with 88 – slow played flopped set. River blank, I win a nice pot. Stack up to $3300.

Villain looks mad and rebuys again, full $1500 when this hand happens about 30 minutes later. Villain limps, MP opens $35 (he has $1200) , button calls, I call T9cc in the SB, BB calls, villain calls – 5 way to flop, pot is $170. Flop K78hh, I check, villain checks, MP raiser bets $80, I call, villain calls – pot $410. Turn 6s – 2012 is looking even better. I check, now villain bets $400, gets to MP raiser, he jams his last $1100 or so – OH BABY!!!!! I double check, yep, I still have the nuts, I jam, villain not too happy but calls off his last $1100 or so. River Ax, I scoop a $4300 pot. Did I say 2012 is looking real, real good. Downside – it took 5 minutes to stack all the chips.

(sick brag-I had to tip the chip runner $5 to help me carry the racks)

If Villain was mad before, he is on FBT now. For those who don’t know – FBT = Full Blown Tilt. A decent TAG reg goes off for 2 BI’s and is now steaming, playing bad (of course re-bought again for $1500). He actually doubles up with a flopped set vs top pair and now sits on $3k of chips that are definitely in play. I’m thinking about getting to $10k in a 5-10 game if I could bust him one more time. However, the table gets short and breaks within 15 minutes. I decide to cash out and head home booking a nice W.  See the very sexy chip stack pic!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of my first cash session of 2012. It was a good one, hopefully a one of many for the year.

-Big Game James

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