Hey all. Sorry it’s been a while for the last day of the event but with football starting, I have been super busy. I am not as busy as Todd U is, but it has seemed to take up a lot of my time. Now that the season has started, I should have more time to get back to donking at the local casinos.

Here are my thoughts and some hands from Day 3 of the WPT.

I started the day with 376,000 chips and was in about 15th place. When I got to the Bike, the rumor was that it would take about an hour to break the cash. My thoughts were that with all the support and people who had money invested in me I really did want to cash, but I wasn’t going to lay anything big down and would play like I have been playing the last two days. To say I wanted to be a little more careful was probably close to the way I felt but I was not going to shut down just to stay in the Min-Cash Brigade.

So the second hand I am in the SB and I get dealt 88. Guy makes it 2.5x middle and I flat his raise. Flop comes Q83 rainbow. All skill poker here we go. I check, he C bet’s half pot and I flat. Turn is a 2 off suit. Another dream card. I check again and this time he bets about 35-40% pot. My first thought was that he has a Q for sure and maybe even an overpair. I have played with this guy before and he is on the tighter side. At this point, my focus was to get in a raise here to build a pot and make a huge river bet. I didn’t know if he was fully committed at this point with the bubble so close, but I had to try. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I know I raised him about 2.3 of his bet. He didn’t tank long and he called. River paired the 2. Nice. The pot had ballooned to about 110k so I took my time and led for 80k. Looking back I guess the bet was a little big because he didn’t take too long to fold. I liked the bet sizing because if he is going to call 60k then he will call 80k. I could have made a lower value bet like 20k and he probably would have snap called, but I went for the big kill and it just didn’t work out this time. This is a lesson I learned from my cash game coach Jim and it really works out great most of the time.

At the bubble, an interesting hand came up. Ken, the chip leader, was moved to my left and we had been talking a lot in Day 2 so of course that resumed when he sat down. He seemed to play a lot of hands but when he bet, he kept turning over the nuts. He was still on the heater from yesterday. Amazing to watch a guy just keep flopping top top or better and showing every time.

Anyway, we were on the bubble and the TD just announced we are going hand for hand after this hand. I look at AJs in the cutoff, all folded to me, so I did my normal 2.5x raise and Ken and the BB called. Flop was J106 two clubs and I had AJh. BB checked, I bet half pot and Ken bombs it. Probably about 15 k more than the pot. Huh? Wow such a huge bet. Ken, btw, is a 65 year old guy that everyone calls teach. It turns out that he ended up finishing second in the event for 360k.

Back to the hand. I go into the tank for about a minute and then I ask him if two pair is any good? He laughs and says no. Of course I NEVER believe a poker player but in this spot, but I was starting to lean towards believing him. We went back and forth a little bit and says, “Dan, trust me, I have you beat”. Finally I am like OK and fold and he flips over two red 66 for bottom set. Now if you read this hand in this context, it might seem like I am a donk for laying down top top in this spot, but I just really felt he had it and was being nice to me. Weird how he should never have done that but of course I appreciated it and said thank you.

Play kind of got a little crazy after the bubble burst, but we were all pretty deep so it wasn’t just a push fest. I had a pretty good table draw. Dwight Pilgram was on my table but on the other side and the only bad draw for me that when it was my BB, there was an IK that had over 3 million won online and was not going to make my life easy. He ended up finishing 11th again for the second straight year in this event so he can play.

I was in grind mode. Cards were kind of dead but I did end up 3 betting this kid 3-4 times in a couple of hours and half the time I was pretty light. The worst was J5 off but he folded every time. Looking back I may have been able to do it a little more, but I guess if I had, he may have played back at me at least one of those times. It is pretty easy for an IK to keep 3 betting an old guy like me, but they have to give us a TON of respect when we do it to them. More on that later.

The next big hand had come up after I lost a big pot to Ken again when I flopped top top and he flopped bottom set. This time he didn’t talk to me and I took it as weakness so I called two streets and when he checked the river after a really scary card, I got to see another one of his sets. Amazing how he ran for 3 days up to that point.

Anyway, I had 22 in the BB. Middle raised and both CO and Button called. SB folded so I called. Flop was 237 two clubs. I checked, raiser checked, CO bet, button folded and it was back to me. I check raised about half pot after about 40-50 seconds so it was a little fast but no biggie. Raiser folded and the CO called pretty quick. The pot at this point was about 100k and I had 130k left. Turn was a J of hearts. I thought for 30 seconds and shipped it and that is where the fun began. He was also playing a little tight so he instantly looks upset and goes into the tank. About a minute passes and finally he starts talking to me trying to get a read. I am still not saying anything at this point. He cut out my raise and was looking at the pot so I really thought he was going to call. He was still talking and just looking at me and I wasn’t moving.

After about 2 minutes, he pulls the chips back and says “If I fold please don’t show”. I took this as a sign that he was going to fold so I thought in my infinite wisdom that I would start talking to see if I can get him to call. Well anyone that has played with me before knows I can’t talk anyone into doing anything I want them to (see wife) so of course the more I talked, the easier it was for him to fold, which of course he did. Don’t worry Jamey, I didn’t learn enough from you the day before on how to talk players into doing what you want them too.

Once he folded everyone at the table wanted me to show and I did because the hand does have a special place in my heart. My father in law Frank, who passed away almost 5 years ago, used to play a lot of poker with us and that was his favorite hand. Ann, my Mother in Law, and close friends still get a laugh out of playing that hand. He loved that hand so much we put it in his hands before he was buried. It was just cool to be able to play it in that spot and able to show my wife the cards when it was done. Love you and miss you a lot dad.

Last hand before dinner was a big loser for me. Looking back I am not sure it was a terrible call on the river because it is really hard to go over hands like this and not be results oriented. Hopefully you guys will post some comments and give me your thoughts on it

A new IK sits down to my left in Ken’s place. As it turns out, he is one of Jason Mercier’s boys so I am sure he has won some ungodly amount online also. Dwight is still on the table and he is late middle and he raises 2.3x. I again have 88 in the SB so I flat as does the BB.

All skill poker flop again and it comes out J83 rainbow. I check, BB checks, and to my surprise Dwight checks. I have been playing with Dwight for a long time that day and he had started the day playing pretty tight for him but in about the last hour or so, he was really starting to splash. Dwight is a very good pro and has won a ton of money in the last couple of years so it seemed to me he had switched gears and was loosening up quite a bit.

I still can’t understand why he checked the flop. If I were him I would C bet that board like 99% plus into the blinds. I am now sure he missed everything, but with position on that board I just don’t get it. Maybe that is why he is a pro and I am a donk.

So the turn comes a 10 putting a 3 card straight on the board but to me, still an ok card. I lead about 60% pot and the BB tanks a little and calls. Dwight turbo mucks so I guess he really had air in the beginning of the hand.

River card is the 9 putting a 4 card straight on the board. J83109. Really bad card. I tank, check, and the IK after about 40 seconds bets 57k which is about 70-75% pot. This was not a good spot for me. There is a lot of his range, to me, I have beat which includes some river bluffs that a pro like that will make against an amateur like me. Of course, he could have the dead nuts also. If I call, then I basically turn my hand into a bluff catcher but not fully into one because I still crush any two pair hand.

After tanking for 3 minutes, I finally called and he turned over Q10 for the straight. He checked the flop with a gutter, picked up a pair with the gutter on the turn, then hit the gutter on the river. He played it perfect of course and got me to pay him off. The hand played this way because Dwight didn’t C bet and if he had, I would have raised flop and most likely the hand would have been over.Not a good way to hit the dinner break but oh well.Please post comments on this hand.

That’s it for tonight. I will update the rest of Day 3 and the now famous Kessler hand sometime this weekend. Take care and have a great night.




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