Day 2 was probably the best day of poker I have played in a very long time and maybe ever.

When we started, I had about the 3rd most chips on the table but after an orbit or 2, I realized that this was going to be a tough table. The IK on my right was very good and I had one 2 seats to my left that came out firing. Luckily the on my left left busted in the second level of the day and he was replaced by an older guy that pretty much played ABC poker.

In that second level, 2 name players sat down. The first is a local guy named Mickey Mills. He is around 60 years old and at the time I thought he was still a real good player. I came to realize later that he had no clue about the new game and really just got hit by the deck to last as long as he did.

The other player that sat down two seats to my right was Jamie Gold. I have never played with him before so I was assuming he was just a donk now and would give chips away like there was no tomorrow. Come to find out that assessment of him is wrong. He played great all night and if it wasn’t for the cooler against me, he would have been near the top 10 going into day 3.

All the way to dinner, that table became a grind. Lucky for me I had the aggro guys, Jamie and he IK Pollack on my right and the tighter players on my left. Made it pretty easy for me to raise when the aggro guys folded ahead of me.

The only problem now was that Mickey starting limping every hand. From any position, he just started limping. Really strange to see that in this kind of event. Jamie and Pollack picked up on this after about 2 orbits and started to raise him. Mickey would call the raises about 80% of the time and just try to play the hand. As you all can guess, he didn’t last too long doing this.

He did cost me money though in a hand we played together with another guy. Mickey limped UTG as usual, both Jamie and Pollack folded to me and I looked at AQs. I made it 3.5x and the super nit to my called and of course Mickey called. The flop was Qh8c5c. Mickey checked, I bet half pot, guy on my left called, then Mickey mini bumped me.

I really felt I had him beat because I had seen him do this a couple of time with middle pair, so I tanked and I re-raised him like 2.3x. The last guy in the pot jammed instantly. Uh oh. Mickey quickly folded and I tanked a little knowing full well that I could never call a jam from him. I folded and the guy mucked without showing. Later that night after we were done, he told me he had flopped middle set and there is no way a 4th bet jam back raise wasn’t exactly what he had. Thanks Mickey for costing me money.

Mickey did end up going out right after dinner. He limped as usual and got 4 callers. Flop was A93 rainbow. He bet, one guy called, and the button made a huge raise. He snap called, the other player folded, and Micky proudly turned over AK, which in my mind, was never good and it wasn’t. The button had A9 off and took Mickey out.

Once he left, the table played pretty normal. I made a couple of good 3 bets against some of the weaker players and I made a nice squeeze against Jamie and Pollack. Jamie raised, Pollack called and I 3 bet them in the CO with A10 off. Jamie tanked and called and Pollack folded. The flop was KhJs7c. He checked, I C bet half pot, and Jamie said he should have 4 bet me and turned over AQs. I am surprised he called my 3 bet with Aqs but like he said later, he is Jamie Gold and he doesn’t fold.

I was card dead again but I was picking good spots to steal and stay afloat. I had about 150k and the blinds were 1200-2400 400. A guy busted in seat 9 and they moved the tournament chip leader in. His name was Ken and he was a fun 60 something year old guy with a ton of chips. He proceeded to take two players out with AA and then KK. Total rack at the time and just won every hand he played.

After the last break, we colored up the 100 chip and started the last level of the night which was 1500-3000 500. I started this level about 160k and had it up to 200k before I lost like 3 pots in a row and was down to about 150k. Ken the older guy raised early position and I am in the SB. I look at AK off. He had made it 8500 and I wasn’t really thrilled about playing this guy out of position so I just flatted. Looking back, this was a huge mistake (results oriented now) because as it turns out, he had KK and we would have gotten it all in pre flop so when the A hit the flop, I would have doubled up.  I did check the A high flop, he bet and I check raised and for a minute it looked like he was going to raise but decided against it and folded. Big ooops.

The announcement came very shortly after the hand with Ken that we were going to play 4 more hands and call it a night. I had 183, 500 left so I was still fine. I don’t really want to get into a huge pot this late in the day because I am tired and I just want to relax, have a Corona with the boys and my rail and just go home and get ready for Day 3. Well that changed pretty quick on the next hand.

With 4 left, Gary Miles (raising machine) made it 8500 to go middle position. Jamie raised it to 30k next to act, and Pollack tanked a little bit before making it 74k. Wow that was such a huge bet at the time. Gary quickly folded and Jamie went into the tank. They had about 350k each and it looked like Jamie just didn’t want to fold like always. Since the clock had stopped because we were only playing 4 more hands, Jamie seemed to take a little longer than usual. Finally after about 3 minutes in the tank, he finally folded AQs face up and Pollack instantly turns over 106h. Great squeeze of course which set Jamie off complaining that he knew Poallack had junk and should have just 4 bet him to end the hand. The very next hand was the biggest one for me in this event.

The first couple of players folded to Jamie, now middle position, and he raised to 10k. It looked like he was still a little steamed, but it didn’t matter because I had kind of shut down mentally and didn’t want to get involved with him this late in the day. Pollack folded and then I look down at KK. Scratch that idea. I look at Jamie, who is looking at me, and I say I raise. I cut out 30k out of my stack and put it over the line. The minute my chips hit the felt, Jamie says to me “I am not folding. There is no way in hell I am folding this hand. Do you think you can bluff me now after the last hand? No chance”. I said Jamie, I want you to call. He says ” Don’t worry, I am calling 100%”. I say Jamie, I swear I am not bluffing (I figured he may think I am full of it and shove pre). Funny thing was we were talking and the other guys on the table still were in the process of folding. Ahh to play with Jamie.

So he calls and the dream flop comes Kh8s10s. Bam!!! He checks pretty quick and then says “you got any of that” very calmly. I say I got a little, how about you? You got any of that? He says a little. Pretty funny. Then he says “just bet and tell me how much. I know you are going to bet so go ahead and bet”. It seemed to me like Jamie actually wanted me to bet because we was going to jam something. Maybe a lower set or some monster straight draw/flush draw type hand. I took my time and bet 48k into the pot which was around 70k.

After my bet, he quickly asked the dealer how much, she told him 48k and he then snap shipped and before he got the words all the way out, I snap called and turned over the two kings. He sees my hand, jumps out of his seat, and starts yelling about how he can’t believe it. Such a cooler and why is this happening to him lately in these big events. He wasn’t yelling at me, he was just on Full Monkey Tilt. LOL. It was funny to watch but we have all been there so I sat there as silent as I could.

The turn came the 4th K for quads so the hand was over. I don’t remember if the cameras got there in time to see any of the hand but I hope they did. That hand would have been funny to watch on TV.

I didn’t play the last two hands of the night and bagged 376k.When I came back to the table after a short bathroom break, I told Jamie it was a pleasure to play with him all day. He said the same thing to me and he said he really wasn’t mad at me at all for the KK hand. He was just upset with the deck. I said no worries and then asked him to sign a card for my Mom because she liked him. He joked and said he should write You Son &**%#$ Killed Me on it and he did write that exact saying minus the cussing. Pretty funny.

After we were done bagging chips for the night, I though about the fact that I was going into Day 3 of the event. I felt great and was so excited to finally make a Day 3 in a big event. Also I was really happy that I got to Day 3 in such good shape. Nice not to worry about min cashing for once.

Side note: I played with Jamie for about 6 hours and he was really fun to play with. Also, I thought he played great for most of the day. There was a time after dinner he donked some, but overall I was impressed. I was also impressed by how he was treating all of us. The whole table really enjoyed it.

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