When we got back from dinner, my first table broke and I had around 75k, which was well above the average.

I got moved into a table with one player, who was about 65 years old wearing a Paradise Poker Jacket, who had about 120k. It was a monster stack at the time. I was in seat 1 and he was in seat 4, so I wondered if I was going to have a chance to steal in his blinds.

I didn’t play a hand for an orbit to get the feel of the table, and after that orbit, I realized that this table was playing super tight. A few hands got limped, and if it got raised, there was usually only one caller. Nice.

I think the first hand I raised was J9 off from the HJ and the SB made a big 3 bet. Huh? I laid it down and he showed KK. Ok cool.

I proceeded to switch gears to become the aggro guy and I began to chip up. A couple times a player would call my raise but I would C bet the flop and take it down. I probably shipped up to around 80k without ever seeing a river. No one ever really played back at me after the KK hand so I felt good. Only one solid pro on the table and he was getting a long massage so he really didn’t seem to care to play too many hands.

Now the big hand. Blinds were 250-500 50 and 3 people had limped to me in the SB and I look down at 68s. I called and BB checks. Flop comes 6d8dkh. Bingo. So the pot is 2950 and I lead for 1450. BB fold, next limp folds, the the player in the CO announces raise to 4100. Button folds and it is back on me. Here is where I had the problem. I could raise and get value from a hand like KQ or a flush draw and maybe even a straight draw. I felt like I was ahead and he might have had some kind of pair and a flush draw.

So i decide to raise back and make it 9k. My stack to start the hand was 80k and he was about 60k so again we were both deep. I really didn’t want to flat there out of position because I felt there were a lot of turns he was going to fire unless a really bad card comes up for him. This was my mistake. After talking to Ron P about the spot and posting on Stackem again to John Kim, they both agreed that I should have flatted and see what happened on the turn.

Anyway, he bombed me back to 25k so all the draws left his range. He either had top 2 or a set. I tanked a little then folded.He was nice enough to show me K8s for top 2.

My major mistake in this hand was I played my cards and not the player. I have played with this person before and he does play on the tighter side. I have never seen him bluff at anytime and I should have thought a little longer when he raised me on the flop. I would never fold bottom two on a flop like that on the flop, but I should have done what Ron and John said. My mistake and hopefully against that type of player, it wont happen again.

We took a break after that hand and when I got back, things turned bad. I was card dead and a couple of players to my left started calling my raises and my C bets. I kinda had to shut it down and just try and grind to the end of the day. I got all the way down to 55k but won the last 3 out of 5 hands to get back to 66,500 which is what I ended the day with.

I was excited I made day two but driving home, I felt I left a lot of chips on that last table. I at least switched gears and got aggro, it just didn’t work out. I like the way I played so no big deal.

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